Forum 2023

iberOctober 4-6, 2023 St. Petersburg State University is holding the VI International Forum «Russia and Ibero-America in a Turbulent World: History and Perspectives».

The forum is the most representative event in Russia dedicated to the socio-political and economic processes of Latin America and Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries, their history and culture. Holding it in St. Petersburg with the participation of well-known politicians, scientists, journalists from Ibero-American countries and Russia attracts media attention, confirming the status of St. Petersburg University as one of the leading centers of Ibero-American studies in Russia. 


Goals of the forum in 2023:

  1. Understanding the new realities of Ibero-American political and socio-economic processes.
  2. Analysis of new challenges and opportunities in Russian-Latin American relations in the current political and economic conditions
  3. Discussion of Russian and Latin American approaches to the formation of a multipolar world, interregional cooperation, and solving problems of international security.
  4. Study of the interaction of Latin American countries with non-regional and non-hemispheric actors of international relations at the present stage.
  5. Assessment of the current state of humanitarian, educational, scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and Latin America, as well as the prospects for Russian-Latin American cooperation in other regions of the world.

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