04 October 2021 - opening of the forum, plenary session

Plenary session

Dra. Arlene Beth Tickner, Associate Professor Universidad del Rosario, President of ISA Latin America and the Caribbean. "Latin America and the Caribbean in a changing world".

Magistral conferences (updating)

Dr. Jorge Richter Ramírez. Presidential Spokesperson, Presidency of the Bolivian Plurinational State. "The Popular Corporate: space and form of Intercultural Democracy in the construction of Bolivian Plurinationality".

Dra. Gioconda Herrera. President of LASA. Mobility in Immobility: Venezuelan migration in times of pandemic

Dra. Maria Clara Medina, University of Gothenburg, President of CEISAL ”Human rights and gender visibility in the social agenda for Latin American integration during and after the pandemic”.

Daniel Jadue, mayor of Recoleta, pre-candidate for Preseindte de Chile. "Constitutional process and presidential elections in Chile".

Samir Saran, president of the "Observer Research Foundation". Geopolitical trends in Latin America: the role of the BRICS countries and new emerging countries.

Dr. Manuel Alcantara Sáez, Universidad de SalamancaInstituciones débiles y caudillos fuertes en América Latina

Dra. Maristella Noemi Svampa, Associate Professor at the National University of La Plata, coordinator of the Group of Critical and Interdisciplinary Studies on the Energy Problem * topic is being updated *

Dialogue with José Ramón Cabañas (Ambassador of Cuba to the United States in 2015-2020), moderated by Dr. Arturo López Levy

Round tables:

Round table of Russian and Iberoamerican diplomats

Thinking about the Latin American left today. Is a radical left possible for today's Latin America? (organized by Revista Izquierdas)

The corned beef. The allies. Intelligence. How Soviet intelligence protected the "world cuisine" in South America during the 2nd. World War

The collective challenges of the pandemic: multilateralism, regionalism and nationalism (organized by CARI и CRIES)

Latin America and Russia: Ways and Practices of Interaction in Art Today

Europe and Latin America: challenges for interregional cooperation

Digital present. Between Art and Functionality (Russia / Latin America) (co-organizer - LACRUS media project)

Round table of editors of scientific journals dedicated to Iberoamerica

Formation of a comfortable urban environment of a metropolis (experience of Russia and Latin America) (co-organizer - LACRUS media project)

The Pacific Alliance 10 years after its creation: Integration, institutionality and cooperation in a convulsive scenario

Traditions and innovations in architecture and urban planning in Russia and Latin America (co-organizer - LACRUS media project)

African heritage in Latin America

Features of the artistic and stylistic development of modern jewelry art. Russia and Latin America (co-organizer - LACRUS media project)


Panels (updating)

Track 1. International Studies

  1. The role of BRICS countries in the post pandemic world (organized by HSE and BRICS Network University)
  2. The international scene: a South American look
  3. Energy transition, Geopolitics and Diplomacy. Russia, France, Spain, the US and Mexico at the current crossroads: 2000-2021
  4. The Latin American dimension of the new world order
  5. The role of 'soft power' in Russia's relations with Latin America (2008-2020)
  6. The geopolitics of Latin America post Covid-19
  7. The transformation of US policy in the Western Hemisphere under the Joe Biden administration
  8. The Transition of the International Order: A New Cycle for Latin America? (organized by CRIES)
  9. Directions and challenges for the BRICS
  10. Contributions of Latin American and Caribbean countries to the United Nations system
  11. United States: Looking at Latin America in the post-pandemic from the Biden Administration

Track 2. Political Studies

  1. Violence and security in Latin America: interdisciplinary contributions to a necessarily unfinished debate
  2. Political institutions and processes in Latin America in the first decades of the 21st century
  3. Public Diplomacy, Digital Diplomacy, and Data Diplomacy in Western Hemisphere: A Diversity of Discourses in Scholarship and Practice
  4. Think tanks, media and politics in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay (2015-2019)
  5. Politics in times of pandemic: political, economic and social effects in Latin America (organized by AMECIP)
  6. Pandemic, Democracy and the state in Latin America 
  7. Threats and challenges for democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean: rights in question? (organized by CLACSO)

Track 3. Social and Legal Studies in Latin America

  1. Human rights issues in the light of the peculiarities of the political culture of Latin America
  2. Global Pandemic: GLOCAL Dispute in Latin America
  3. Globalization and the circulation of ideas between the Continental Caribbean and the Insular Caribbean
  4. The defense of land and natural resources at the crossroads of the new national sovereignty
  5. International legal framework for cooperation between Russia and the Ibero-American states and integration associations
  6. New views on the future of the region and the world: Latin America and the Caribbean from the perspective of youth (organized by CRIES)
  7. Emerging problems and challenges of contemporary capitalism in Latin American countries
  8. Welfare state and civil society in Latin America
  9. The web of inequalities and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: dilemmas and challenges (organized by CLACSO)

Track 4. Economic Studies, marketing, public relations

  1. Export to Ibero-American countries: Russian and international strategies
  2. Innovation, industrial policy and foreign trade: the cases of Mexico and Russia
  3. Latin America in the new world economy
  4. Asia and Latin America: Prospects for Trade and Economic Cooperation
  5. Impact of the pandemic on economic development and trade policy of Russia and Latin America
  6. Characteristics of Marketing, Public Relations and Government Relations in Latin America: Ethnopsychological and Sociocultural Context

Track 5. Journalism, Philology and Linguistics

  1. Languages, culture and literature of Iberoamerica
  2. Reflection of linguocultural features and social processes in Spain and Latin America in fiction and the media in the era of globalization
  3. Teaching Spanish as a foreign language at a distance: realities and new challenges

Track 6. Cultural Research

  1. Problems of cultural and humanitarian cooperation in the Ibero-American region: challenges and responses
  2. Problems of intercultural communication in Ibero-America and Russia in the XVIII-XXI centuries. In memory of Alla Leonidovna Zenkovich
  3. Autochthonous, local, external: social mechanisms of interaction of cultures
  4. Ibero-American culture and the problems of modern cultural studies
  5. The collapse of a world: end of European socialism and its impact on the cultural dynamics between the Eastern bloc and Latin America

Track 7. History

  1. The file and the future of the Latin American left
  2. Iberoamerican mosaic: pages of the history of the continent
  3. Conceptualizing dictatorships. Forms, structures, discourses and practices between Europe and America
  4. The Spanish revolution in the history of the twentieth century. On the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic in Spain (organized by Center for Spanish and Portuguese Studies of Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  5. Brazil: debate on fascism, crisis and historical particularity

Track 8. Regional Studies

  1. Iberian countries in new realities
  2. Social problems and Human Rights in Colombia today
  3. O Brasil contemporâneo em perspectiva: sociedade, política e cultura
  4. Bolivia in debate: between the MAS government and the coup (2006-2020)

 Track 9. Philosophy, Anthropology, History of Ideas

  1. Studies of ideas in Latin America: balance and perspectives for the future
  2. National education systems of Latin America and Russia in the context of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Book Presentations (to be confirmed):

A. A. Eremin. Organization of American States and Regional Security. Publisher: Aspect Press. 2020.

The new rights: a challenge for the current democrats. Academic editor: Dr. Omar Bravo. ICESI University, 2020.

ETULAIN, C.R. (ORG.). Public Policies in Brazil. Contemporary interdisciplinary studies. University of Córdoba (UNC), Córdoba, Argentina, 2021.