The events of Forum:


Conferences of:

Dr. Carmelo Mesa Lago

Dr. Manuel Antonio Garreton

Dr. Pablo Yankelevich

Dr. Ricardo Ffrench-Davis

Dr. Isidro Morales Moreno

The conference of the Chair of Russian Council for Internationa Affairs, Igor S. Ivanov "Latin America and New Global Order"

Round Tables:

Antarctica - the gateway to South America. To the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by the expedition of Bellingshausen and Lazarev. Organized with the support of: The Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for the Study of Both Americas.

Traditions of the Comintern and modern political processes in Latin America. To the 100th anniversary of the Comintern.

Simposium "Russia - Spain":  potential and problems of development of bilateral relations.

"Saint Petersburg - a window to Latin America", Round Table of Mayors of Latin American Cities (with support of Government of Saint Petersburg)

Round table of ambassadors of Iberoamerica countries accredited in Russia

Presentations of books and magazines:

1) Presentation of the books "Soviet Russia, Comintern and Latin America" (Moscow, Nauka, 2018), VL Jeifets, LS Jeifets "Comintern and Latin America: People, Structures, Decisions" (Rosspen, 2018) and other publications dedicated to the history of the Latin American left movement.

Organizers: Center for Latin American Studies (St. Petersburg State University), Autonomous University of Morelos (Mexico).

2) The presentation of the special issue of the magazine "Vestnik of the University of St. Petersburg". Serie: International Relations. Number: "Latin America and the new world order".

Panels confirmed:

1) International Relations

Latin America and the Caribbean facing a new world order: Power, globalization and regional responses

Latin America and Eurasia: Strategic Calculations and Comparative Approaches within a New International Order

The crisis of neoliberal globalization: ways out and models for further development

The shaping ideas of Central America, the Continental Caribbean and the Insular Caribbean. Localism in front of the global world

Latin American regionalism in the 21st century: from post-hegemony to the right turn

Hemispheric actors and Latin America

Geopolitical trends in Latin America: the role of the BRICS countries and new emerging players

2) Economics

Intellectual property in the innovation economy

Latin America and Asia: the imperatives of economic development and cooperation

Iberoamerica countries in the system of international economic relations

USSR-Russia and China: trade relations with Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and sustainable development

3) Political processes and institutions

Multilateralism and the challenges of today. The Latin American states in the universal and regional multilateral institutions

Political and social polarization and possible means of overcoming it

Soft and sharp power in the Ibero-American world: Public diplomacy and digital communication

Political communication and social movements

Populism and post-truth

The crisis of democracy in Latin America: dictatorships, new populisms and the fight against corruption as the axis of politics.

Artificial Intelligence: New Opportunities and Socio-Political, Informational, and Psychological Challenges in Latin America

Information and psychological confrontation in the modern world and Latin America

4) Anthropology, ethnography and archeology of the countries of Iberoamerica

Yuri Knórozov: a window to ancient and current Latin America

The indigenous people of South America: history and modernity

5) History and Historiography

The history of Latin American populism: Vargas, Perón, Chávez

Comintern and Latin America: a historical retrospective and political perspectives.

The new historical sources: revision and revaluation of the military history of Spain

Dictatorships, states of exception and state terrorism, in Ibero-America during the 20th century

To the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939

6) Intercultural dialogue

The globalized world and new paradigm of linguistic policy

The countries of Ibero-America in the current cultural and humanitarian exchange

Iberoamerican culture in today's world

Problems of national identity in the culture and education of Latin America, Spain and Russia.

Languages, Culture and Literature Iberoamerica

Educational systems and educational policies of Latin American countries in addressing inequalities and sustainable development

7) Studies of countries and regions

Paraguay: three decades of democratic development. Economic-political and socio-cultural dimensions

Space connections in Brazil: infrastructural networks in a large Latin American country

Disputes in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean Basin

Uruguay and Russia: scenarios, links and convergences

The model of economic and social updating in Cuba and its foreign policy in a new political framework and a changing international context

Revolution and National Interest: Cuba's foreign policy sixty years after 1959.

Three years of peace: post-conflict Colombia. Visions, challenges, ambitions

The contemporary crossroads of Brazilian politics: values and political scenarios in contexts of change

Spain and Russia: Diplomacy and Diplomats

8) Ecology, environmental policy and environment

Ecopolitics: An alternative for ecological justice in America and Europe

9) Journalism, media and Latin America in a multipolar world

Journalism and the Ibero-American Media: Problems and Challenges in the 21st Century

10) Problems of legislation and law in the countries of Iberoamerica

Human rights and the interaction of cultures: the experience of Latin America in a universal context.

11) Social processes, institutions and movements

Latin America and the globalizaed  world; social movements - spaples and thoughts

Political communication and social movements

12) Migrations and problems of demography of Iberoamerica

Demographic development and migration processes in Latin America in the era of turbulence


Panels to be confirmed

The system of international relations in the Western Hemisphere: The current challenges

The Ibero-American economies: pre-crisis and post-crisis strategy

The education, art and linguistics of Iberoamerica

Latin America: achievements and challenges of integration

Extrahemispheric actors and Latin America

Russian emigration in Ibero-American countries

Left Movement in Russia and Iberoamerica: historical destiny

Russian relations with the countries of Latin America: History and Modernity

Latin America: the main trends of political development

Spain and Portugal: challenges of the 21st century

Panorama of the party and politics in the countries of Ibero-America and Russia

Ibero-American mosaic: the historical destiny of Ibero-American countries in the XIX-XXI centuries.

The right movement in Ibero-American countries and in Russia