Nikolay M. Kropachev, rector of St Petersburg State University – the Chairman

Board member of Russian Union of rectors. Board member of Association of lawyers of Russia. Winner of the award "Lawyer of Year" (2010). One of initiators of reconstruction, founder and member of Russian historical society. The vice-chairman of Council for science and education at President of Russia. Professor, Ph.D. in Law.




Andrés Serbin – the co-Chairman

PhD, Director of Center for global and regional researches (Argentina), head of the Regional Coordination Center of economic and social researches of Latin America and the Caribbean, professor of Central University of Venezuela, invited professor of Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, universities of Europe and Latin America, ex-adviser of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.



Mauricio Archila Neira – the co-Chairman

Ph.D. in History, master of economy of University Javeriana (Bogota), professor of history department of National university of Colombia. In January 1998 was an invited professor of Institute of Ibero-American researches of University of Columbia (USA). Editor-in-chief of "Anuario Colombiano de historia y de la cultura", Colombia.


Jussi Pakkasvirta - the co-Chairman

PhD, Professor of department of world culture, head of Latin American Centre of University of Helsinki, President of European Council of social researches of Latin America (CEISAL). Specializes in the field of intellectual history, history of ideas, cross-cultural communications and cross-disciplinary methodology of humanitarian sciences.



Victor L. Jeifets - the co-Chairman, the Secretary in charge

Ph.D. in History, professor of RAS, professor of Department of Theory and History of international relations of St. Petersburg State University, head of Center of Ibero-American studies. Specializes in the fields of history of foreign policy of USSR (Russia), left movement of Latin America, international relations of the region.



Lazar S. Jeifets – the vice-Chairman

Ph.D. in History, professor of American Studies Department of St. Petersburg State University, the chairman of Scientific Council of the Center of Ibero-American researches. Author of fundamental works on history of the communistic movement in the countries of Latin America, on influence of Komintern on the Latin American political processes.




Vladimir M. Davydov - the vice-Chairman

Ph.D. in Economy, professor, head of Institute of Latin America of RAS, the member-correspondent of RAS, president of Russian Association of Researchers of Iberoamerican world



Serguei B. Brilev,

PhD in History, member of Presidium of Council for foreign and defence policy, deputy-head of “Russia” TV-channel on special information projects, president of Institute of Bering-Bellingshausen for the Americas.





Liudmila S. Okuneva,

Ph.D. in History, professor of Department of history and politics of European and American countries of MGIMO University, head of BRICS Center, MGIMO. Specializes in history and contemporary political development of Brazil




Nikolay A. Dobronravin,

Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor, professor of Department of World Politics of St. Petersburg State University. Specializes in the fields of oil&gas policies, Africa, contemporary development problems




Makram Haluani,

Ph.D. in History, professor, University of Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. Specializes in contemporary international relations




Humberto Morales Moreno,

Ph.D. in History, professor of Autonomous University of Puebla and Iberoamerican University, Mexico. Specializes in the fields of history of Mexico, influence of Great October revolution on Mexican political processes, migration issues of Mexico



Hernán Camarero,

PhD in History, Professor of University of Buenos Aires and University Torcuato di Tella, Palermo University. Author and co-author of articles about history of labor movement in Argentina, Soviet-Argentina relations, history of Komintern in Argentina. Member of editorial council of the magazine "Herramienta y de Taller, revista de Sociedad, Cultura y Política". Editor-in-chief of “Archivos” magazine


Vladimir Rouvinski,

Ph.D. in History, professor and researcher of University of Icesi, head of Centre for political studies, Columbia. Specializes in the fields of modern international relations, problems of contemporary society, political and economic processes in Latin America. Invited professor of leading universities of the USA.


Pablo Yankelevich,

PhD in History, Professor of Latin American researches of National Autonomous university of Mexico, professor-researcher of National school of anthropology and history of Mexico. Invited professor of University of Buenos Aires, leading universities of USA and Europe. Editor of “Historia Mexicana” magazine, Mexico.


René González Barrios,

President of Institute of history, Cuba




Gonzalo Sebastian Paz,

PhD in Policy, Professor of Georgetown University (Washington, USA), employee of the Center of Latin American researches. Researcher of the relations between Latin America and countries of Southeast Asia, foreign policy of Argentina




Miguel Reyes Hernandez,

Ph.D. in Economy, professor, head of Department of social studies of Iberoamerican university, Puebla, Mexico. Specializes in social-economic history of Mexico, problems of labor movement.


Carlos Quenan,

PhD in Economy, professor of economy of Institute of perspective researches of Latin America (Paris, University of Sorbonne). Master of economy and social sciences (1982), Ph.D. in Economics in "Currency, finance, bank" (1984). Employee of Center of researches and documentation on Latin America (CREDAL), member of a working group of Research Institute of North and South America.



Rouslan Kostiuk,

Ph.D. in History, professor of Department of Theory and History of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University. Specializes in modern left movement, history and modern development of France. Author of publications on a problem of "socialism of XXI century”.




Manuel Loyola,

Ph.D. in History, professor of University Santiago-de-Chile, founder and editor-in-chief of “Izquerdas” magazine, Chile. Specializes in history of left movement in the countries of Latin America, communist movement in Chile.



Barry Carr,

PhD in History, Professor and researcher of University La Trobe, Australia. Specializes in history of labor and left movements in the countries of Latin America, author of books about history of Marxism and communism in Mexico. Researcher of colonial and post-colonial processes in Latin America.



Joanna Goclowska-Bolek,

PhD in economy, leading researcher of the Center of Ibero-American researches and professor of the Warsaw university, Poland. Specializes in the fields of modern economic processes in Latin America, economic integration.




Ricardo Melgar Bao,

PhD, Research associate of National institute of anthropology and history (Mexico City). Anthropologist and historian. Professor of National Autonomous University of Mexico. Specialist in fields of social movements, emigration, intellectual networks, ideology and culture. Author of many articles and books. Editor-in-chief of “Pacarina del Sur” magazine



Evgeny Pashentsev,

Ph.D. in History, professor, Leading researcher at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, director of International Centre for Social and Political Studies and Consulting.