The program of the International Forum "Russia and Ibero-America in the globalizing world: history and prospects" is formed according to the following procedure:

Till 15th April 2021 participants submit offers on a subject of their panels\round tables and till 31th July 2021 - we receive proposals for papers. An offer has to include a subject of the paper, an abstract (200 words max.), keywords, information about the author (full name, academic degree, place of work).

Within two weeks from the moment of receiving the offer Organizing committee will notify the participant on acceptance or rejection of a subject of the paper. In case of acceptance an invitation will be sent to the participant by e-mail.

In September 2021 the program of the Conference with the final division into sections will be posted on the conference website.

By 1th of November 2021 participants will have to submit full text of the paper in a digital version to the Organizing committee. A printed version of the paper is to be submitted during the conference. In case of non-providing of the paper in time the Organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the publication of the paper.

The Organizing committee plans to publish papers of the Forum in the single volume. All papers will be previously submitted to independent reviewers.

The Organizing committee of the Forum establishes the following requirements for papers, which authors are willing to publish:

- Text of the paper should meet the following characteristics: font 12 Times New Roman, one-and-a-half interval, 3 cm space from all edges, pages are numbered. Length – up to 10 pages, including diagrams, tables, pictures, references and bibliography. However, the Organizing committee in some cases can decide to publish a paper of bigger or smaller length if considers it necessary. The papers submitted by students and masters shouldn't exceed 10 pages under any circumstances. If above-stated formatting is observed, the volume will approximately be about 2200 symbols on the page, that is, at most, 22000 signs in the whole paper. Excess of volume without coordination with the Organizing committee isn't allowed.

Please note that papers will be also published on the website of the Forum (protected by the password from external editing). These versions of papers can be expanded to 25 pages, if authors want.

Papers can be submitted in Spanish, English, Portuguese or Russian. The title has to be written in size 16, subtitle – in 14. Paragraph titles – in 12, bold.

After the title, with alignment on the right, names of authors are stated. Under a (*) in the bottom of the page it is required to specify:

- nationality of the author;

- in case of a co-authorship – to specify, after nationality which of authors is major. If both authors have made an equal contribution to work, they have to be designated as "co-authors". Assistants in research can't be included as authors;

- professional and academic status;

- institutions, to which authors are attached;

- in case the research is conducted under the aegis of any establishment or person, it is necessary to indicate the name of the project, establishment and any other official registration data on it;

- e-mails of authors.


 An abstract in Spanish and English  – no more than 6 lines –  is written above the text of the paper.

Keywords in Spanish and English should be written below the abstract.

Also in these languages keywords of c of a new line are written.

Tables, pictures and diagrams are to be sent separately in Excel documents and jpg format with the resolution not less than 300 dpi. Tables and illustrations have to be original (unpublished earlier), otherwise the author has to have rights to refer to them and has to make a footnote in a legend.

Formatting the contents:

Italics can be used only for foreign untranslatable words. A bold type – only for internal subtitles. Reductions of words in the ends of lines aren't allowed. Quotes up to four lines long go in the same text in quotes. Quotes more than this volume go from a new line, in the new paragraph, with a space of 2 cm, without quotes, Times New Roman font, size 11.

Formatting the references:

References should be placed in the bottom of the page and have to conform to the following requirements:

- when something is quoted for the first time (in any format, paper or digital), one should write: names and surnames of authors, title in italics, city of publishing, publishing house, year of publication and pages. All these data are divided by COMMAS, NOT POINTS;

- when something is quoted repeatedly, specify a surname of the author and write “op. cit.” in italics and then pages. For example:

José Rodríguez, Historia de Puerto Rico, La Habana, Editorial Historia, 1958.

Rodríguez, op. cit., 38-41.


Only headings of the book or magazine, which includes the quoted article, are written in italics. The quoted article itself is placed in quotes. In this case, number, edition (volume), the city of publishing, year and pages are written together with the name of the magazine. For example:

Manuel López Araya, "La apertura de los nuevos archivos sobre América Hispana, Hernán Segovia (ed.), El encontronazo de dos mundos, México, Editorial Nueva, 2014, 19-26.

Sergio Antúñez, "Russia’s New Discovery of Latin America", Revista de Historia Diplomática 18:2, Londres, verano 2014, 186-192.

To use the reference that has been  already given earlier, “Idem” and “Ibid.” are written without bold or italics. “Idem” is used when a footnote is completely identical to the previous one. “Ibid.” is written in case of some change of a source, for example, other page, etc.

Authors should pay attention to quality of formatting and to the number of references.  The Organizing committee reserve the right to check reliability of sources.