I am pleased to inform you that 1th-3th October 2019 the Saint Petersburg State University, in coordination with Institute of Latin America of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Bering- Bellingshausen for Americas, the Foundation of Egor Gaidar, CRIES (The Regional Coordinator of Economic and Social Research), CLACSO (Latin American Council for Social Sciences), AMECIP (Mexican Association of Political Sciences) convene the Fourth International Forum “Russia and Latin America in the Globalizing World: History and Contemporaneity”, to be held from 1 to 3 October 2019. The agenda of the forum covers a wide range of topics on the economic and political development of the Ibero-American countries and Russia, on the history of relations between Latin America and Russia (as also between Latin American countries and the world), as well as on the dialogue of cultures and civilizations.

The Forum will address the issues of the analysis of the evolution of Latin American political systems, as well as the phenomena of "left and right turns", both in individual countries and throughout the region. Another issue is important for the analysis of integrationist vectors towards the Pacific and Atlantic, as well as the growing role of Asian countries in relationship between Latin America and the world, the role played by the US, the EU, Russia and other hemispheric and extra-hemispheric actors in the development of economic and political from Latin America. The Organizing Committee plans to pay special attention to the affairs of the Comintern (in the first place, of its impact on Latin American and Ibero-American processes), as well as to the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Antarctic (focused on the aspects of Russian and Latin American role in Antarctic explorations and to the cooperation in the South Atlantic).

Furthermore, it is planned to organize the Ibero-American Day in the St. Petersburg State University (various keynote lectures and round tables in different schools of the University), a meeting with some Latin American and Spanish mayors, a round table of Latin American diplomats accredited to the Russian government and a meeting of Russian and Latin American journalists.