In the conditions of globalizing world forming of economic and political centers which allow to create multipolar system of international relations is gaining crucial importance. Russia and Ibero-American countries (Latin America, Spain and Portugal) are, certainly, among such centers. Their interaction at various levels, including G20, BRICS, APEC, the UN, etc. and also at bilateral level, considerably defines development of humanity.

Study of social, economic, political, cultural development of Russia and the Ibero-American countries is one of the priority tasks for Russian and foreign scientists working in the field of the humanitarian studies. An important practical component of research is discussion of prospects and opportunities of economic, political, scientific cooperation of Russia with the countries of Latin America in terms of latest tendencies of world economy development, Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization, results and agreements between leaders of the states within the APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok and the summit of G20 in 2013 in St. Petersburg. One of the key directions of discussion is enhancement of the relations between Russia and the countries of Latin America.

In recent years at the University (mostly, at the School of International Relations) in a cooperation with Institute of Latin America of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) a significant work on boosting of research and coordination of scientists of St. Petersburg State University (foreign affairs specialists, economists, philologists, historians, political scientists, sociologists) and of other higher education institutions of St. Petersburg has been done. Development of this field of research began with holding the International forum "St. Petersburg — a window to Ibero-America" in 2003, followed by the VII Russian-Spanish symposium and the Conference of the European network of information and documentation on Latin America (REDIAL), both taking place on the grounds of St. Petersburg State University.

An important result of Ibero-American studies at the University is the release of a special St. Petersburg volume of scientific journal “Latin America” of RAS in July 2012.

In 2013 the International Conference "Russia and Ibero-America in the globalizing world: history and prospects" was held (a photo archive is available here), which received a vast response in Russia and abroad. Following the Conference several scientific publications were released.

In 2015 the Second International forum "Russia and Ibero-America in the globalizing world: history and the present" took place, where more than 300 scientists, politicians journalists took part. The forum has summoned a keen interest on both sides of the ocean and has attracted attention of Russian and foreign press.