Ibero-American Studies Center was founded by the decision of Academic Council of theSchool of International Relations of  St.-Petersburg State University in 2013.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

    organization of scientific cooperation and  interdisciplinary studies (particularly in social, economic  sciences in the area of history, culture, politics, theory and history of international relations, philology, and the Ibero-American countries, etc.);

    organizing and conducting studies of Latin-American issues and the implementation of research results into the educational process.

The center organizes the work of the  Ibero-American seminar for teachers and students of St. Petersburg State University, other universities and students of St. Petersburg schools. .

The main directions of studies:

    Political and social history of Ibero-American

    Political panorama of the Ibero-American

    History and modern development of the left movement in Latin America and Spain

    Latin America in International Relations

    Ethno-national problems in Latin America

    Questions of integration and security in Iberoamerica

    Social movements in Latin America.