On October 1-3, 2019, St. Petersburg State University  in coordination with Institute of Latin America of RAS, Institute of Bering-Bellingshausen for Americas, Foundation of Egor Gaidar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Bank Santander, CRIES (The Regional Coordinator of Economic and Social Research), CLACSO (Latin American Council for Social Sciences), AMECIP (Mexican Association of Political Sciences) will hold the fourth international forum "Russia and Iberoamerica in the globalizing world: history and modernity". The forum is the most representative event in Russia devoted to socio-political, economic processes of Latin America, its history and culture. Carried out in St. Petersburg and marked by participation of famous politicians, scientists, journalists of the Ibero-American countries and Russia, the Forum steadily draws attention of media that confirms the status of the St. Petersburg university as one of the leading centers of iberoamerican studies in Russia.

Goals of Forum-2019:

 1. To become a step on the way of Russian-Latin American relations elaboration under conditions of transition from bipolar to multipolar world

 2. To formulate new approaches to Ibero-American perspective studies

The forum aims to be a modern expert and discussion platform for defining the directions of Latin America development in the globalized world and the prospects of Russian-Latin American cooperation. Organizers seek to create opportunities for critical judgment and dialogue within the main directions of social disciplines for improved understanding of social, political, economic and cultural realities of Latin American countries in the modern world.

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 10.07.2018. Dear colleagues! The data of the book with papers: Russia and Iberoamerica in the globalizing world: history and perspectives. Memories of the Third International Forum. - ed. V. Jeifets, L. Jeifets. - Skifia-print, 2017. ISBN: 978-5-98620-296-9. Use the link for download.