The third ‘Russia and Ibero-America in a Globalizing World: History and Modernity’ international forum has drawn to a close. The event was attended by some 500 representatives of scientific, expert, and political circles from more than 30 countries.

Discussions took place in various formats: plenary sessions, parallel main conferences, roundtables, presentations, theme-specific meetings, and working groups. In addition, the members of the organizing committee summarized the results of a competition for young Ibero-America researchers.

Sergey Brilyov, PhD, an expert at Roscongress, member of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy Presidium, and President of the Bering–Bellingshausen Institute for the Americas, noted in his address: “We have here an extraordinary coinciding of figures: the third ‘Russia and Ibero-America’ forum run by St. Petersburg State University, and the three Latin American sessions that have already taken place at SPIEF. Behind us is the first offsite session held by Roscongress and the IBBA in Montevideo. Still to come – the same new offsite format in Grenada. All in all, this is a unique way to create a common agenda spanning the worlds of business, politics, media, and academia.”

As a follow up to the event a collection of presentations and articles is to be published, alongside the winning essays of the student competition.

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10.07.2017. On the page "Programme"  we have published the list of confirmed events: lectures, round tables and speech presentations. But it is not complete and we are going to add new events and activities. We have also published the list of confirmed keynote speakers.

20.04. 2017. Sain Petersburg State University, Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) jointly with Latin American Institute of Russian Academy of Science (ILA RAS) and CIS Interstate Bank  (ISB) organize a round table discussion devoted to the analysis of integration processes worldwide, formation of a new global architecture with an uprising role of regional integration groupings (organizations), as well as potential dialogue mechanisms to be established between Eurasia and Latin America.

Main Purpose: To discuss the current trends of the world economy including the role of the regional integration groupings (organizations) that they start playing in the changing global architecture and establishment of the global dialogue among regions via cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and integration blocs in Latin American and the Caribbean (Pacific Alliance,  MERCOSUR, CAN, CARICOM).

Keynote speakers: Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, EEC Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics,  Mr. Walker San Miguel, Secretary General of the Andean Community,  Mr. Igor Suvorov, President of the CIS Interstate Bank;  Mr. Vladimir Davydov, scientific director of the ILA RAS.

We invite to participate scientists, businessmen and all for whom it may be interesting.

The last day to propose themes of papers is June, 20 2017.

You can see the list of panels on the page of our website.


October 2-4, 2017 Saint Petersburg State University announces the III  International Forum "Russia and Iberoamerica in a globalizing world: history and modernity". The Forum is the most representative and remarkable event in Russia, dedicated to the discussion of the socio-political and economic processes in Latin America, as well as its history and culture. The Forum in St. Petersburg, marked by the participation of notable scientists, politicians and journalists, traditionally attracts great attention of the mass-media, that confirms the special role of the Saint Petersburg State University as one of the high profile centers of Latin American studies in Russia.

The Forum’s objectives for 2017:

1. To make a contribution to the formation of Russian-Latin American relations in the context of the transit  from a bipolar to a multipolar world

2. To formulate new approaches with in Latin American studies

The Forum provides a modern expert discussion platform for defining the guidelines for the development of Latin America in the globalizing world, as well as the Russian-Latin American cooperation prospects. The organizers aim to create opportunities for critical reflection and dialogue within the main areas of social sciences in order to improve an understanding of the social, political, economic and cultural realities of Latin America in the contemporary multipolar world.

The III International Forum "Russia and Iberoamerica in the globalizing world: history and modernity" continues the tradition of conferences and forums dedicated to Latin American studies, organized by Saint Petersburg State University, the Institute of Latin America, the Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for the Americas with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Government of St. Petersburg in 2003, 2013 and 2015, and it will be mainly devoted to the mechanisms of the formation of a multipolar world and the role of BRICS in particular. The other main theme of the Forum will be the issue of contemporary regional political and economic integration(from the Mercosur  to the Pacific Alliance, and participation of Ibero-American countries in TPP).

Latin America is one of the most dynamically developing regions of the world. Political and socio-economic developments on the continent have their great influence on global processes and the whole formation of a multipolar world. Latin America is becoming a key vector in the foreign policy of many world actors and emerging centers of power. Latin America itself is becoming a bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa. This complex of the aspects makes essential a critical rethinking of the history of the region, including the revolutionary processes of the XXth century, the Cold War and the modern processes of the formation of a multipolar world.

This year the Forum will coincide with the centennial anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution (October Revolution). This historical event not only determined the vector of development of the Russian society for decades, but also influenced considerably on the countries of Europe and Iberoamerica. The Organizing Committee would like to highlight this remarkable date. During the Forum it is planned to evaluate diverse aspects of such influence (various models of the development of societies aimed at both, the attempted repetition of ideas and experience of the Russian Revolution, as well as the opposition to it in Latin America and Iberoamerica in general). This discussion is closely linked to the issue of broad participation of society in the implementation of the guidelines routes for the positive change in Latin America.


The fact that the Forum is convened in Russia presupposes discussion on the evolution and current Russian-Iberoamerican relations. At the same time the Organizing Committee sees this issue in the broader context, considering it necessary to pay particular attention to the growing influence of extra-hemispheric actors in Latin America and also to non-European ties of Spain and Portugal.

The Forum will include thematic sections on history, culture, economy and politics of Ibero-American countries; round tables; presentations of academic publications; public lectures of leading scientists, politicians and diplomats. We hope that during the Forum not only critical discussion of past, present and future of the Ibero-American world will arise, but also the state and prospects of Ibero-American studies themselves. Thus, the dialogue between academics and experts will promote the enrichment of knowledge about the region and the creation of new approaches to research.

The major activities of the Forum - in addition to the thematic sessions - are:

- The round table and a series of thematic workshops dedicated to the issue of BRICS.

- The round table with participation of diplomats dedicated to Russian-Latin American relations.

- The round table of media involved with the issues of Iberoamerican studies.

- The number of thematic sections devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917 and its impact on Ibero-American countries.

- The meeting of Russian and Ibero-American parliamentarians to discuss the problems of the modern world and the cooperation of Russia and Latin American countries.

2-4th of October 2017 Centre organizes III International Forum "Russia and Iberoamerica in the Globalizing world: history and modernity"